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Wonderworld Wonder Sensory Blocks
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Wonderworld Wonder Sensory Blocks



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The Wonderworld Wonder Sensory Blocks benefits your child by helping to develop 3 senses: Vision, Touch and Hearing. The Wonder Sensory Blocks includes 3 blocks for visual stimulation, 3 blocks for sound (audio) stimulation and 3 blocks for touch and feel stimulation.

Product Details:
Product Length: 10.87 inches
Product Width: 8.91 inches
Product Height: 4.97 inches
Product Weight: 0.88 pounds
Package Length: 8.03 inches
Package Width: 6.22 inches
Package Height: 2.13 inches
Package Weight: 1.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 14 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 14 customer reviews )
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3NOT Sensory BlocksOct 09, 2012
By Bishop Cat
The product description and picture today, 9 October 2012, is the same as it was when I purchased this toy from Amazon. Do not rely on the product description, it is not correct. Because of this I'm starting my review with an accurate description of what you actually get.

This set includes nine diamond shaped blocks and one plank block. There are three primary colored blocks with a circle cut out of the center and piece of clear colored plastic placed over one side. If you look through these blocks they will tint everything, and if you place two together and look through them you will see the correct secondary color tint. There are four natural colored blocks which have an indented circle on one side, three have a touch element and one has a mirror. The plank has four indented circles with matching touch elements / mirror. There are two sound blocks, one orange, one green.

I bought these for my son when he was 14 months, the touch elements, which all feel pretty much the same and would only be interesting to a baby who's never felt any sort of fabric, are already way to young for him, however, the addition of the plank will allow for matching when he's older. The green sound block works okay and my son likes it, but would enjoy it more if there was more sound. The orange sound block works technically speaking, but in terms of being played with by a baby it does not work at all. The three primary colored blocks work as they should, but could be easily improved on. Right now the hollowed middle is fascinating to my son and the ability to see things in the different colors will be fascinating as he gets older. As "sensory" blocks these are a failure. If you're looking for a good set of sensory blocks keep looking. As a good starter set of blocks with a few sensory elements these are wonderful. Because these are diamond shaped blocks there is more potential when it comes to building and much more learning and exploration than you can ever find with the traditionally shaped blocks, but without being frustrating. The wood is smooth and durable and my son loves to build with these.

Well built, sturdy wood blocks that are smooth to the touch and very durable.
The diamond shape of these blocks provides just the right amount of challenge for a first set of blocks.
Attractive blocks with some decently functioning visual elements.
Decent elements for teaching matching, colors, and color combining.

The touch and sound elements of these blocks fail miserably.

As sensory blocks 1 star is generous.
As a first set of building blocks these deserve 5 stars.

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4Much better than the blocks we had when we were kidsNov 17, 2012
By Liz
I was confused at first about why these blocks were diamond shape. It just didn't seem quite right. But once I realized how much easier these are for my baby to grab, and how many different ways you can stack them, it made a lot more sense. I introduced these a few at a time, and she really enjoyed checking out each new one. Now she's getting into feeling the different textures. The only thing that's a bit strange is that the plain wood ones are much heavier than the colored ones - a bit too heavy actually; she's clonked herself on those a couple of times. I recommend also getting Discovery Blocks. They go together well, and those ones have a few more bells (literally) and whistles.

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5Worth every penny!Oct 06, 2012
By kelpiegirl
We LOVE these blocks! They were purchased for my 12 month old and I can see getting years of use out of these. They are very well made, come in a little bag, and have lots to explore! I love the color blocks, it is so simple to teach primary and secondary colors with these. There are lots of things to touch and match, as well as shakers to play with. A wonderful purchase!

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5This item is a must have for a child care ...Aug 15, 2014
By Susi Key
This item is a must have for a child care or preschool. My daycare is fascinated with these sensory blocks starting with the babies through to the 5 year olds. It can be used in a variety of learning experiences.

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5Five StarsJun 30, 2014
By Celia Heil

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