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Wonderworld Natural Shape Sorter
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Wonderworld Natural Shape Sorter



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Wonderworld is going back to nature with the Color From Nature Series of toys! The colors are made from natural botanical extracts such as flowers and leaves. The Wonderworld Natural Shape Sorter includes six different geometric shapes and color blocks to let children play & learn by sorting them in the matching shape holes in the box sorter. This educational toy encourages learning the dynamics of geometric shapes. The Wonderworld Natural Shape Sorter opens the door to learning with a fun and exciting process that is sure to keep your baby entertained for hours.

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.0 inches
Product Width: 6.0 inches
Product Height: 4.0 inches
Package Length: 7.09 inches
Package Width: 7.01 inches
Package Height: 3.94 inches
Package Weight: 1.59 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 14 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 14 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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3Could be designed better.Apr 08, 2013
By MamaNature
Normally I really love Wonderworld products but the design on this one doesn't seem very well thought out. If your child puts the shapes in the back of the sorter first (the circle & the "L" shape in the picture) they slide to the front due to the slanted base which then blocks the two front blocks (the triangle & square) from being able to fall through their slots. This results in a very frustrated toddler, who knows she's correctly matched up the shapes to their corresponding slots but can't figure out why they won't fit in. This would not be a problem if the company had either: A. not made the box slanted or B. made the box a bit taller so that all the pieces could fit through their slots even if another shape is underneath where that one needs to go in.

While the majority of this shape sorter is solid wood construction the bottom of the sorter is actually made of particle board. Personally I am not a fan of particle board or plywood due to the chemicals found in the adhesives that are used to hold these wood bi-products together. I am unsure what Wonderworld was thinking on this front, did it not cross anyone's mind that the customers specifically looking to purchase the "natural" shape sorter would want a product that was indeed all natural?

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

2Poor constructionApr 01, 2013
By Dianne Naujeck
I bought this for my Grandson's 1st birthday and when we took the shaped blocks out of the inside the top fell right through to the bottom. The four pegs holding it up are too short so it does not hold the top up so that a child can try to fit the blocks in the holes. I ordered a second one and the pegs were even shorter so the top part fell right to the bottomn again. Great idea but poor craftsmanship.

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2just for looksApr 18, 2014
By Fleur
- soft, natural colors (supposedly non-toxic)
- shapes only fit in one slot each
- edges of the box and shapes are curved and soft
- looks nice

- not tall enough: poorly designed box causes "traffic jams" as toddlers try to insert blocks that get stopped up by blocks inside
- particle board base

On the box/packaging:
- "Made in Thailand"
- 18+ months
- colors "safe for children and environmental friendly"
- "All wood used by Wonderworld is of replenishable origin."

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

1Crappy!!!!!Jan 17, 2013
This is much smaller than it appears in the picture. It is poorly put together and totally fell apart after about 10 minutes of play.

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1Poorly designed, could have been greatJun 14, 2013
By Product Junkie
I was looking for a simple, starter shape-sorter with natural materials. Check. However, one simple design flaw makes this almost useless. The interior is on a slope, and the lid isn't high enough away from the slope. So once you drop in a shape, it slides to the bottom, and blocks the lid, preventing you from dropping in any more shapes. Such a horrible design, I can't believe it's still on the market. Their engineers clearly did not test this toy. There is NO WAY for me, a 40 year old adult, to put in all the pieces because of the slope and shallow depth. The lid is also kind of delicate in the way it must be balanced "just so" in order to stay on. The wood and dyes are natural and beautiful, so it's a shame it's not better designed.

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