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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

This kit allows children to test the boundaries of their cats' abilities. They can construct fun, intuitive cat toys as well as teach them memory tests, problem solving and find motor skills. For children 6 years & up.

Product Details:
Product Length: 13.0 inches
Product Width: 3.0 inches
Product Height: 7.5 inches
Product Weight: 1.3 pounds
Package Length: 12.68 inches
Package Width: 7.87 inches
Package Height: 2.91 inches
Package Weight: 0.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 14 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 14 customer reviews )
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4For smart catsJan 04, 2013
By Lisa Anderson
My daughter saw this product in a magazine, and I was delighted that Amazon had it. We have two cats w ho she adores and she loves to play with them, so I thought this would be an awesome toy to get her, especially since she had noticed it too. The kitty college kit comes with a series of tests to determine how smart your cat is.
It is a foam board that has different games on it that you build for the cat (adult assembly definitely required to get the stickers / foam pieces lined up in the correct place). After it is assembled, the first test is to see whether cats are attracted to a movable object or a movable object with sound (marble vs. bell) - my cats were completely un-interested in this "test." So, moving on. There is a pom pom in this kit (which my cats go crazy about), and you are to test the reaction of the cat when you have it loosely on a string and moving it around with your hand, or, when you tie it to the spring on the foam board. My cats loved the pom pom tied to the string, as expected, but did not care when the pom pom was tied to the spring.
Next, the treats. This tests the smartness of your cats.. which my cats have completely failed. First, your cats must love cat treats. If they don't eat cat treats, then this test will not work for them. There are three different tests here that test them:
- (1) There are three little "knobs" on the foam board. You place a treat on each knob and cover with a plastic covering that have stickers on them. The stickers are to see if the cat has a memory or not. So, you place one treat under the red triangle with the cat watching. In theory, the cat knows it is under the red triangle so goes for that one. Then, you move the red triangle to a different knob and see what happens. And so on - there are different shapes and colors for you to test your cat's colors / memory to shapes. This was a failure for our cats.. they were completely un-interested.
- (2) The zig-zag test. This test is cute.. but my cats, again, weren't that smart to complete this task either. You have a zig-zag curve in the foam board. You place a treat under a little container and the cat has to move the little container with his paw to the edge of the board where there is a circle that will tip the container over to reveal the treat. Complicated for a cat..!
- (3) The tip over tube test. You have two tubes held together by a rubber band. Using their paw, the cats can tip over a treat that then falls down to the board into an obstacle of straws sticking up.. which then the cat has to use their paws again to bat it out of the straws and onto the floor to eat it. Sounds complicated, but my cats (or one of them at least) managed to do this test... once. Woke up one morning, all three treats we put in a tube were gone - so, they did managed to complete this task!

I rated this product 4 stars because it is cute, my daughter loved to "test" the cats knowledge, but my cats were not smart enough to handle this product (let's face it.. they are pretty lazy). If my cats were actually to cooperate and "learn" the board and the different tasks, then it would be pretty amazing.. but I don't foresee this happening! Cute product though and fun for the kids to do with the cats.

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3What a messJan 01, 2014
By Drake
The entire playground has to be put together by hand, even little things that really could have been in one piece out of the box... and it's a royal pain to put together. The instructions are simply horrible. It was as if the maker said, "Wow, this is a royal pain, let's just have the customer put it together, hahahahah."

By the time it was together, I didn't even want to use it. After a few days, it was OK to play with. It's just a little sensationalized. It's pretty cheesy. It should come with a bonus rebate for any customer who actually puts it together correctly.

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5Fun for Cats and KidsDec 19, 2012
By Rachel W
My cat-obsessed 8 year old and our 3 year old cat both have been enjoying Kitty College. I think the success of this toy depends on having a curious and energetic cat. Having enticing cat treats promotes longer attention for the cat.

A word to the wise that an adult *must* help with assembly despite the fact that box states for ages 6 and up. Even with an adult, the instructions were a little confusing and frustrating at times and our kit was missing a string, which was easy enough to substitute with what we had on hand.

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5great toy for the little teacher..Dec 12, 2012
By thiewomann
As soon as. I seen this I knew my niece would love it. She has a cat and is a only child. She has every toy etc. This is perfectly perfect for that type of child. What a great find for a great price.

2Not worth the price, you can do it with household itemsMay 04, 2014
By AnnaMarie
This took my kids less than twenty minutes to put together, and less than twenty minutes for it to fall apart. Naturally our cat snubbed her nose at it as she passed by.
If you are looking for an educational experience - this is not it.

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