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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Assembled Dimensions are L 28.5 "X W 14.25" X H 23". Made of sturdy solid wood. Paint is non toxic and kid safe. There are three levels and the rooms can be configured atleast nine ways. Comes with two figures and nine rooms of furniture everything from living room, workout weight room to outdoor lawn furniture! Great fun for all of your little home owners!

Product Details:
Product Length: 28.5 inches
Product Width: 23.0 inches
Product Height: 14.25 inches
Product Weight: 5.0 pounds
Package Length: 25.1 inches
Package Width: 16.4 inches
Package Height: 6.0 inches
Package Weight: 18.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 114 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 114 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5Great Doll House w/ no character tie ins!Dec 26, 2008
By L. Prichard
Okay, as a parent I began researching dollhouses about 2 months before Christmas for my 3 year old. I was looking for a product that would hold up to abuse and creative play. I wanted a doll house that my daughter could really interact with and chose this one after a lot of looking around. My husband and I opened it up to put together on Christmas Eve and realized it was an even better product than we'd hoped. Here's why:
1. damage proof packaging
2. easy to assemble with a power driver and a philips head screw driver, although it would be harder to do without the power driver, to be honest
3. she played with it for hours
4. everything about it is well-made and sturdy, even the fully poseable dolls (although they look suspiciously like a couple of Art Majors) and chunky wooden furniture
5. you can make two houses if you want, love the modular rooms
6. no character or commercial slogans! My husband and I are tired of the over-commercialization. This product doesn't even carry a logo by the maker. I like that a lot.

Ther are no downsides to this dollhouse that I can see. The little fridge even opens.

52 of 52 found the following review helpful:

4Perfect Dollhouse!Oct 18, 2010
By Mama2Girls
I'm so happy that I decided to go with this dollhouse thanks to others' reviews. We wanted wooden for durability and we're just not fans of plastic anything. I wanted an appropriate size for a 3 year old that would still grow with her, but I still wanted it to look like a regular house (no mod/eco, no victorian). This is perfect and for the price is a phenomenal deal.

-It comes with so much furniture!!!! I mean there's a car and weight room, book cases, lamps and the list goes on. That is a huge plus. It also has a lot of rooms.

-It seems my daughter enjoys just putting all the furniture on one side for now. Down the road though I think it will be wonderful that it's accessible on all sides so her baby sister can play along (hopefully with no fighting!).

-It's well made (although I venture to say that Plan has a slight advantage with durability) and was easy to put together. You definitely should have a power drill.

-We purchased the Ryan's Room Family Affair IV Hispanic-American and they are a perfect fit (excellent quality as well) if you need more people.

Minor downsides so it gets 4 stars

-We had one broken piece upon arrival. We got the Plan Toys Nursery set along with it (awesome by the way) and it's packaged much better with an individual compartment for each piece to prevent anything from being crushed. These just come all thrown in a box with each individually wrapped. The piece is the picnic table for the terrace that she won't even miss anyway but just wanted to share. Everything else was just fine.

-The box doesn't have a picture of the house on the outside so there's no wow factor if you're giving it as a gift to a young child. It's just a brown box full of pieces. In hindsight we should have put it together and just let her open the furniture.

-No stairs. My daughter keeps trying to have her dolls climb the bookcases!

I will happily recommend this house!

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4Fantastic design, lots of furniture, but this house could use some renovation!Dec 26, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I bought this house for my 34 month old son's Christmas back in August after researching what felt like every dollhouse on Amazon - a little obsessive, maybe, but I want the best quality for the best value. After much deliberation, I chose this house because of the unique modular design, the mostly neutral color scheme, the all-wood construction, & the inclusion of a mansion's worth of furniture. To make a long review short - I'm satisfied on all fronts, but I'm going to go a little further to make this dollhouse last in play value & durability.

First improvement - I bought Hape Happy Family - Caucasian (see my review on the family) to move in. The two dolls included with the house are staying on as aunt & uncle, but I have to agree with other reviewers; I'd definitely agree their faces & limbs make them kinda creepy, & their clothes are a bizarre meshing of hipster & Amish (no offense). With ten rooms, you need more than two Children of the Corn-esque dolls to populate the house.

Speaking of rooms, lets move on to the furniture included. Its mostly un-painted wood, with a few painted accent surfaces. Each room's set shares one color; my house came with blue living room stuff, orange patio furniture, dark blue gym stuff, purple laundry room furniture, green bathroom, yellow kitchen. However, the bedroom comes with both pink & red pieces, making it a little like a gaudy love motel room (only in my eyes, of course). This makes it easy for kids to coordinate rooms, or mix it up to make it a little more interesting. Putting all the furniture sets in the house, one set to each room, we still have three rooms left over; there are eight module pieces, two large ones are split into two rooms. A note on the furniture design - its very basic, very open-ended. There are some pieces that took me a while puzzling over to arrive at a semi-educated guess as to what the heck they are (here's looking at you, gym equipment). There is still one piece I have no right idea what it could be (again - gym equipment, stop making light of me avoiding actual gyms). If you're looking for more detail & realism, I'd suggest looking at dollhouses & other furniture sets by Plan Toys, Hape, Melissa & Doug, Educo or Kid Kraft.

I agree, again, with other's reviews that have noted this house has an abundance of gym equipment (egh!), & an utter dearth of kids' stuff. Seriously, here's a list of the gym junk: treadmill, stationary bike, weight bench with dumb bell, weight rack with three sets of weights (SIX hand weights, really?!), & some odd curved thing which resembles the weight bench (might be an inversion table, but then I don't know any kids that would know what those are, so why include one?). I guess this appeals to active families (REALLY active, the kind that juggle hand weights), or perhaps inspire kids to have their wrestling action figures occupy the weight room. I plan on adding a child's room & a nursery set (with a baby) on my son's birthday in February - probably Ryan's Room Dream on Children's Bedroom & Plan Toy Doll House Nursery. Also, note that the kitchen is kind of lackluster as well, with only three chairs (odd number, considering it comes with two dolls), a table, a fridge, & an oven/stove (which doesn't open, just painted on burners/door). The end. No sink, no counters, no shelves or cupboards, no pots & pans. I relocated the sink from the laundry room & a dresser from the bedroom to serve in their stead.

[edit] Figured I might as well add a comprehensive list of all the furniture & accessories, since opinions on the furniture have been varied from 'too much stuff' to 'not enough stuff', but no reviews described what's there.

Living Room: 2x armchairs, backless bench, shelf unit w/ four shelves, table with a DVD or VHS & stereo-ish painting, TV, tall lamp.
Kitchen: 3x chairs, round table, refrigerator (door opens, however its flat inside, painted on selves), oven/range (two painted on burners, oven door)
Bathroom: bathtub, toilet, sink, weight scale, shelf unit w/ four shelves, small round table or seat
Bedroom: double bed, pink & white checkered blanket & pillow, full length mirror, vanity with mirror, vanity stool, nightstand, small lamp, wardrobe, dresser,
Laundry Room: washing machine (door with round hole opens, inside is flat & unpainted, laundry hamper (door opens, inside is hollow), table with two dowels across the bottom, sewing machine (took me a couple minutes to figure out what it was supposed to be), ironing board, iron
Patio: table with grooves to simulate wood planked top, 2x lawn chairs with same grooves, 2x chair extensions to make them lounge chairs, cloth umbrella, barbecue
Gym: treadmill, stationary bike, weight bench with dumb bell, weight rack with three sets of hand weights, & that odd curved thing
Miscellaneous: One person pink car (doors do not open, wheels roll great)

This dollhouse is made of all wood, which is fantastic, however some of the wood is actually pressboard (the floors, walls & slant ceiling pieces of the triangular rooms). This stuff is delicate, so make sure your kids don't get it in their minds to step on floors of the rooms, & consider that weight limit when using the dollhouse rooms for bookcases later on (it will warp with age & weight). I'm going to, & recommend anyone else wanting this house to last (especially if you live in a humid climate), varnish the house & furniture with non-toxic wood treatment to prevent mildewing & make it easy to wipe clean.

To make it clear, I am thrilled with this dollhouse! From the time my son tore open the box this Christmas morning, till I carried him off to bed, he was glued to this house. His favorite elements (so far) have been interesting to me, probably totally normal to an almost 3 year old. He loves racing each member of the family around in the little car, making me consider the Family Car. He also likes the exercise bike, treating it as a real bike, riding the dolls through the house. The umbrella has been opened & closed dozens of times. He's storing the six (SIX?!) hand weights & iron in the clothes hamper. He also likes to lay the dolls on the bed & 'tuck them in'.

I assembled all the modules manually in about an hour, working while watching a movie & repeatedly redirecting my son from mixing up the pieces back to unwrapping the furniture from zillions of plastic baggies. In my humble opinion, its really, really easy to put together if you just study the pictures, separate everything into piles, & match the parts to the pictures (assuming nothing's broken or warped). Most important, make sure the large modules with the split rooms have the slots facing up, & the smaller modules have their grooves down & slots up.

To close, this house is a big hit with my kiddo, & I think most of the under 4 or 5 set will enjoy it a lot. The strength of this house is that it can be "re-designed", but if your kid is older they might want more detailed furniture. No matter what, I'd say definitely buy a family!

26 of 29 found the following review helpful:

5great valueFeb 24, 2010
By minimal mommy
I searched for a dollhouse that was wooden, not crazy colors and simple, and I got exactly what I wanted! This a great dollhouse for the money! I love that you can move the rooms around to create whatever style house you want--highrise, two-story, one-story. Not knowing if my daughter is going through a dollhouse "phase" (she is five), I really did not want to invest crazy amounts of money. She loves it so far (she got it for Christmas). I love the furniture, and I am impressed that they include workout equipment as one of the room set-ups--a great example to show our kids! My only complaint is that there are only two dolls. I just got another "family" from Plan Toys, but I feel like they are a touch too big, although my daughter doesn't seem to mind. Would definitely recommend.

35 of 42 found the following review helpful:

2Depends on....Jun 03, 2012
By Juliette
Saw this doll house and thought it was a great option for my soon to be 2 year old. Great price compared to other options that did not include furniture. ordered it from target and boy there was a lot of furniture..all in nice bright colors. My daughter loved it right away. AND THEN..upon close inspection...i grabbed one of the pieces and found it to contain formaldehyde!!! Now don't know how anyone else feels about that but i personally do not wish to have that in my house. I already have a train set that was given as a gift that has formaldehyde in it and didn't want to risk double exposure. So i returned it and opted for Plan Toys My First Dollhouse instead..will have to get all the furniture at additional cost but well worth it to me.

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