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Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home
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Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home



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Brrring. Mom's in the kitchen talking on the phone. Ding-dong. Dad's about to answer the front door. And baby's in her high chair. This home is filled with happy sounds-"Bubble. Bubble." in the bath tub, the "Swish-swish." of the washing machine and more. And because it's just their size, kids can make all the action happen themselves. Includes three cute, chunky figures (mom, dad, baby), table, two chairs and high chair. Requires 3 AA batteries.

Product Details:
Product Length: 9.0 inches
Product Width: 14.0 inches
Product Height: 13.0 inches
Package Length: 16.2 inches
Package Width: 15.9 inches
Package Height: 8.8 inches
Package Weight: 3.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 204 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 204 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

49 of 53 found the following review helpful:

4Fairly PleasedDec 30, 2009
By Karlyn Holmes "Karly"
Im not sure why others rated this house so low. But all ive got to say is that you should look around for a coupon! Toys r us believe it or not had this toy for $25 and on top of that i had a buy one get one 50% off for lp sets. My 1 year old son LOVES this house! He loves to put the baby in the tub and flush the toilet. He constantly slams the house down to repeatedly poke the doorbell and also enjoys the phone. I think that as with all LP toys, he loves the actual people the most but i can see him enjoying this house more and more.

I WOULD recommend going on ebay for a better price and also to purchase extra individual LP figures to make the play more realistic :)
Our family is interracial so we bought AA people as well as some others such as the hispanic and asian families for diversity. Especially with ebay, you can find the toys you want at the prices that you want and you dont have to pay that high cost unless you absolutely must have new items and even then there is a market for cheaper new LP toys on ebay as well. Remember to select buy it now and sort by price+shipping : lowest to highest to find the best items. Narrow down your category and search smart!

I have this house, the animal sounds farm, school bus and dump truck along with several extra figures and the memories that children (including myself) create with these toys are irreplaceable! The toys are almost as sturdy as the original ones (pre 1991) and they still attract little ones today!

29 of 38 found the following review helpful:

3Not worth $40ish dollarsDec 27, 2009
By vanilla beaniyeh
My daughter is 15 months old and I was looking for some "girly" toys to buy her for the holidays. I am always pleased with the quality of the plastic in Little People sets, but I really do not understand why they are so expensive. This is a small little unfolding house with five buttons that make different sounds (telephone ring, two different water sounds for the washing machine and the bathtub, a toilet flush, and a doorbell) and two little "people", one of which is a baby. There are some cute features, I'm glad my daughter has this, but it is nowhere near the $40ish current list price. I would judge this as a $25 toy. With some upgrades (more buttons/features) and more people in it, I would judge the price appropriate. I gave it only three stars because the value is low for the price and it was overall a bit boring/disappointing. My daughter has much more fun with the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home, which is a GREAT buy for the money.

17 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5Don't forget to buy batteriesOct 21, 2012
By April Martinez
I bought this for my niece's first birthday. I'd heard she had a fascination for a fellow toddler's Little People toys, and I wanted to get her a dollhouse. This toy got two birds with one stone.

Before I presented this, though, I checked to see if it needed batteries. According to the box, they're not included, so if you're a considerate gift giver, make sure you have some ready. I believe it needs 3 AA batteries -- I wanted to say 2 or 3, as I can't quite remember which it was, but I seem to remember bringing 3 with the gift, and that's the safer number in any case; better to have one more than you needed than one less. Also, I think the place where the batteries go (underneath the house) requires a screwdriver, so make sure there is one handy.

It's called the Happy Sounds Home -- so don't be surprised; this is a toy that makes sounds. That's why you need the batteries.

Here are the sounds it makes:
--laundry being done in the washing machine, ending with a beep to indicate the washer is done
--toilet flushing
--baby laughing in the bath
--phone ringing
--doorbell ringing

The speaker is located just inside the front door, on the floor where a door mat would be. I babysit my niece fairly regularly, and I personally felt the volume of the sounds are comparable to her other sound-making toys, i.e., not too loud at all. The loudest sounds are the ringing phone and the ringing doorbell. The beep at the end of the laundry washing sound probably comes next.

The sounds are blessedly short in length, though, compared to her other toys, some of which seem to go on and on. Unless you have a kid who obsesses with pushing buttons constantly and without end, I don't think you have to worry about this toy annoying you in the sound department.

OK, now for moving parts:
--the entire house has a hinged side, so it opens and closes
--the yellow front door opens and closes, and there's a pink button next to it on the outside that activates the ringing doorbell sound)
--the pink laundry detergent on the yellow washing machine is a button that activates the laundry washing sound
--the pink toilet seat lid opens and closes, and upon closing activates the toilet flushing sound
--the pink floor of the bathtub is actually a button you press to activate the baby laughing in the bath sound
--the yellow baby crib in the bedroom actually rocks
--the yellow refrigerator door opens and closes
--the pink phone in the living room is actually a button that activates the phone ringing sound
--the disc/wheel with the sun and moon sticker moves round and round and can be seen and moved from the outside of the house or the inside.

The pieces separate from the house are:
--the father
--the mother
--the baby
--a pink table
--two purple chairs
--a pink highchair for the baby

And everything fits inside the house, so the house is like a little toy box for the smaller pieces.

Also, my niece is at that stage in her life where she loves to put everything in her mouth, and these separate pieces are the ideal size for it, small enough for her to grasp, big enough that I never have to worry about her swallowing them, and solid and sturdy enough that I never have to worry about pieces breaking off. ALL of these have been tasted and gnawed on by the way, and they have all come out still looking as good as new, however slobbery they might be. My only concern is that I don't know what the little people are painted with -- but whatever it is, I hope and trust that Fisher-Price has made sure it's safe.

12 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5Still playing!Oct 21, 2010
By Amazon Customer
I bought this toy for my daughter for Christmas last year she was 2. Now we're coming up to Christmas again and she's still playing with it. I think it's played a part in helping her with pretend play. I thought we might've been over it by now but it it still holding strong in its place in the living room. Once they outgrow I throw--to goodwill that is.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

3Cute but needs a bit moreJul 26, 2011
By M. Loring "mloring"
This is a good starter toy but for the price, I personally would expect perhaps a few more items in the package. It is great that it comes with the family but perhaps a pet and some other mobile pieces would be better. My daughter likes it but she seems to need more to do with it. I ended up buying the bus set to have more to do.

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