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Celestron's value priced Powerseeker 60 telescope takes a basic "just the facts" approach to affordable entry level telescopes. The package includes an adjustable aluminum tripod with an alt-azimuth mount and stabilizer, a Kellner type K20 eyepiece, a Ramsden type SR4 eyepiece, a 3x barlow lens, and a 5 power cross-hair finder scope. The Powerseeker 60 comes disassembled in a compact box, but it won't take long to put everything together. Go ahead and try it out in the daytime, that's the best time to align the finder scope while looking at a distant tree or telephone pole.

Product Details:
Product Length: 16.5 inches
Product Width: 10.0 inches
Product Height: 29.5 inches
Product Weight: 9.0 pounds
Package Length: 33.5 inches
Package Width: 10.9 inches
Package Height: 7.9 inches
Package Weight: 8.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 111 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 111 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

171 of 184 found the following review helpful:

5Great starter telescopeOct 14, 2004
I am pleasantly surprised by the telescope I got for the price. It was intended for casual observing and I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. It has all the accessories needed for viewing. High powered eyepiece, low powered eyepiece, adjustable tripod (stable for this size) and fine adjustment control for easy panning. I have shopped telescopes before and noticed that the tripods and eyepieces aren't too good in quality. But this one is different. I love the way it is easy to use for land viewing and gives nice views of the moon and its craters, specially when I use the high powered eyepiece. Its pretty lightweight so I can take it outside easily. It assembles easily and in my opinion is a very easy to use telescope. Overall, a nice telescope at a great price.

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5GREAT for a first telescope!!!Mar 24, 2010
By Danielle D. Emmons
We purchased this telescope for our son as an 8th birthday present. We were a little skeptical due to the scope being so inexpensive. Not wanting to spend a fortune on a telescope if our son was not interesed, this one had the right price. We definitely make the right choice. We are thrilled with the quality! We can see the moon so clear and in great detail. We and our son love using it. I would highly recommend this scope as first.

119 of 148 found the following review helpful:

1Stay away from this scopeDec 30, 2006
By Doug Rice
This is a good example of the kind of scope astronomers warn beginners away from.

The first red flag is the ridiculously high advertised magnification of "600x." Do you know what you will see at 600x in this scope? Nothing but a dim blur. Note that the objective (main) lens is 60mm. All telescope optics have inherent limitations; maximum useful magnification per millimeter of aperture is about 2x. Therefore, with any attempt to use this scope at magnification of over 120-140x, the increase in image size will be more than offset by breakdown, and that's even assuming the quality of the objective lens is any good.

The finder is useless; a 6x30 is barely adequate, and this is not even that big. Finding any object other than the moon will be an exercise in frustration. the 1 1/4" size of the eyepiece is creditable, but too high a mignification for this scope. And the field of view is in doubt, and don't even think of using the barlow. Buy this scope, and after a few outings, it will most likely sit in the attic. The review immediately before mine is correct. This is no way to get started in astronomy.

In a way, it is hard to fault Celestron for making and marketing this scope. Their upper-tier instruments are quite good, but the big money appears to be made on mass market toys like this. In one sense the sale of these scopes subsidizes their good models. Just make sure, gentle reader, to stay away from the toys.

Using an astronomical telescope is not like playing an MP3 file and but rather like playing a guitar. It is a learned skill. And you must do a lot of homework before you buy a telescope. Buying without prior experience is like buying a car without knowing anything about driving. If you want to see the wonders of the sky, contact your local astronomy club and attend one of their star parties. The members love sharing their hobby and can set you straight as to how to get started. The best way is to learn the sky with the unaided eye and 10x50 binoculars (decent ones are available on this website), then graduate to something along the lines of a 150-200mm (6-8") Dobsonian; Celestron's own 6" Starhopper can be found on Amazon for under $290.

For more information on buying telescopes, see my encyclopedic guide on Amazon: "So you want to buy a telescope."

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5Exactly what we were looking forJan 09, 2007
By Robin J
Perfect first telescope--and not just for kids--I bought this for my husband who has always talked about getting one but we never wanted to shell out too much $. This was the perfect solution. It looks "cool" (apparently a hit with my husband and boys!) and has already been getting many trips outside to get a good look at the stars and moon!

39 of 50 found the following review helpful:

5A Lot of Scope For The Bucks!May 12, 2005
By Bugs "Patrick"
The first thing everyone comments on in seeing this scope and then learning what I paid for it is: "Wow- that's a lot of scope for the bucks!". Indeed, it's got all the attachments for a well rounded amateur's scope not only for star gazing, but also for terrestrial viewing.

Included in the accessories and all 1.25" diameter, is: (1) a Star Diagonal (90 degree angle adaptor). (2) a 20mm eyepiece. (3) a 4mm eyepiece. (4) a 3x Barlow Lens. (5) a 1.5 Erecting eyepiece for terrestrial viewing. (6) a 5x24 Finderscope. (7) and an Accessory Tray for the various lens.

By easily removing the accessory tray to allow full collapsing of the tripod legs, then tilting the scope to full vertical position, the whole assembly can be made ready for easy transport or storage. Celestron carries a full line of accessories from different eyepieces to filters, etc. This is a real bargain!

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