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Product Length: 6.75 inches
Product Width: 1.0 inches
Product Height: 7.5 inches
Product Weight: 4.8 pounds
Package Length: 9.1 inches
Package Width: 8.5 inches
Package Height: 2.8 inches
Package Weight: 0.02 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1393 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 1393 customer reviews )
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702 of 712 found the following review helpful:

5Peek-a-Boo Forest is a very cute book. See age guidelines belowAug 20, 2012
By muff
The Peek-a-Boo Forest book (designed for ages 6m+) is very cute. Has very bright colors, and peek-a-boo flaps that lift away on each page to reveal a cute animal (e.g. move the tree to see the moose, move the leaf to see the owl, etc.). There are five two-page spreads - each asking "Who is hiding behind the [tree or whatever]?" on the lefthand side, then revealing an animal beneath a crinkly flap on the righthand side. The featured animals are a moose, an owl, a bear family, a raccoon, and a beaver. The front cover also features a bird with a raised, fuzzy, crinkly face. Between the bright colors, the repetitive peek-a-boo activity, and the simple text, this seems very age-appropriate for my 6mo old. And more importantly, he agrees - he loves it!

Note that these books are designed for different ages (the ones targeting older babies have a bit more of a storyline, etc.). Here are the guidelines for all of the different books in the series as given on the packaging:
0m+ Panda's Pals
0m+ How do I Feel?
6m+ Peek-a-Boo Forest
6m+ Emily's Day
6m+ Farm Sounds
6m+ Little Big Top Circus
12m+ The Tale of Sir-Prance-a-lot
12m+ Captain Calamari's Treasure Hunt
12m+ Baby on the Go
18m+ Counting Zoo
18m+ Captain Calamari's Color Adventure

114 of 121 found the following review helpful:

5very nice cloth baby bookJan 15, 2011
By Meriyana
My baby is 7 months old and he's learning to sit while trying to grab whatever in front of him and put it in his mouth. I bought this book because I wanted to introduce him to a concept of "book" while at the same time let him play or chew on it.
So far, my baby likes this book. He really gets entertained by the different color pages (there are 5 pages), crinkly material and short sentences. Material is really nice, easy to clean - I just toss in the washing machine along w/ all the baby clothes. The thing I like the most about Lamaze is the size; This book is larger than usual cloth book (larger font size as well). So, very nice for clumsy baby hands and developing eyes. At first I thought the book is pretty expensive however after receiving this book in the mail, I think it's worth the price. I even ordered another one of different story.

62 of 64 found the following review helpful:

5Baby Likes!Jul 16, 2011
Soft, colorful book with crinkly peek-a-boo pages. My 3.5 month old hasn't been interested in too many of his toys yet, but he did take to this book immediately! While reading I can see his interest in the colors and the crinkly noise the peek-a-boo pages make. The book is light enough for him to hold and he enjoys putting the pages in his mouth. Cute book and I'm glad he liked it!

Update: 9/12/11
I've washed this book twice so far and no fading or changes! Baby is now 5.5 months and still loves the Peek-A-Boo Forest. In fact, we don't even need the book to entertain him. We just recite the peek-a-boo rhymes whenever baby is down in the dumps (aka: crying in the car) and he perks right up, smiling/giggling at each peek-a-boo mention :)

52 of 57 found the following review helpful:

4The made is nice however the story also counts....Apr 30, 2012
By Amazon Customer "Dddenk"
I bought 3 of Lamaze Cloth Book so this review is kind of comparison between them. I did not know there is age classification each of the cloth books. First, I bought the Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot (for 12 mo+), the story was made really well, the colorful book itself has different textures almost in every page that my 3 month baby love to touch. Then I bought the Captain Calamari's Treasure Hunt (for 12 mo+), there is no textures at all, only plastic mirror on the last page and crinkly Captain Calamari on the front page. He rarely touch it. I think from the story point of view, this cloth book should be for 6m+ because it is so simple than the first cloth book I bought. Next I decided to give Peekaboo Forest (for 6 mo+) a try. This colorful cloth book has a crinkly material in every page and my now 6 month old baby love it a lot. I will keep the Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot so I can read to my baby when he is older in the future.

37 of 42 found the following review helpful:

4Cute and colorful with clever textMay 21, 2011
By Sunshine
I was so happy to find this book. Finally, a soft, textured book that has more than 2 pages to turn! The soft Priddy books, e.g., Squishy Turtle and Fluffy Chick, have only 2 pages to turn, evidently a downgrade from earlier versions which had an additional page. I'm happy to pay an additional 3-4 dollars if it means getting a more substantive book, as you do with this Lamaze book.

In addition to Peek-A-Boo Forest being highly attractive, the rhymes are very appealing. My near 7-month old son lights up with big smiles when I read the book.

As one review (at this time) mentions, you don't get a variety of textures here, like in the soft Priddy books, but babies really do love the crinkly sound, and there are plenty of other books/toys out there you can buy with multiple textures. What this book lacks in tactile variety it makes up for with quantity of pages and quality of writing/illustrations.

My one complaint (and the reason for downgrading my rating to 4 stars) is that on several pages, the animal is not completely covered by the flap, making the "Peek-a-Boo" aspect not quite as surprising as it should be. The flaps need to be either bigger and/or sewn in a slightly different place to optimize coverage of the animal. The error is particularly egregious on the last page with the beaver. Maybe it's just my copy...

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