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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Product Details:
Product Length: 4.92 inches
Product Width: 19.69 inches
Product Height: 15.75 inches
Product Weight: 3.92 pounds
Package Length: 19.69 inches
Package Width: 15.75 inches
Package Height: 4.96 inches
Package Weight: 4.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 11 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 11 customer reviews )
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5GrandmotherJan 26, 2011
By Deborah M. Roche "Great Mimi!"
My nine year old grandson loves animals more than any other child I have ever known. We have 11 grandchildren...soon 12. He went bananas whenever he opened this station! He spent hours working on it after Christmas with the help of his siblings! This kit allowed him to play and act like he was really there. He actually told me a story about it and what happened at the wildlife station during the the Park Rangers worked with the animals.And of course, he was a wildlife Park Ranger! What a truly great gift. It was worth every penny!

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5Great Purchase!Dec 15, 2010
By Auntie L
I purchased the Playmobil Wildlife Care Station for my five-year-old niece, who loves animals. She helped me put it together and has played and played with it. Nobody makes toys like the Germans, and they've done a great job with this one. I read one review somewhere by a parent who wrote that their children had many Playmobil toys still in boxes because of the difficulty assembling them (especially the big pieces). I am not good at assembling things but found the direction book relatively easy to follow. It just takes some time. I've since purchased Playmobil's Zoo and intend to give it to my niece for Christmas.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic toy, but minor quibbles about packaging and constructionDec 27, 2011
By Patrick Murray
This is our first experience with Playmobil sets, and honestly - we think they're great.

More importantly, my four year old daughter, who's animal and animal-rescue obsessed, thinks they're the coolest things, ever.

This set comes with tons of animals and people and accessories, all showing great attention to detail. They're designed to give your kids the tools they need to trigger their imagination, which is great, and she played with it for hours at a time this past weekend, completely immersed in the stories she was creating with it..

This is a pretty awesome toy, in other words. And I recommend it highly if you have 4-8 year olds who LOVE animals.

But - Really?

I wrote about the trials and tribulations of putting the darn thing together, at, and have posted some of that entry here, to outline minor concerns over packaging and construction.

"Maybe we should just put it together now, and have them out under the tree for her when she wakes up tomorrow morning." I suggested to my wife after we put my daughter to bed on Christmas eve, as I looked at the box that contained the Playmobil Wildlife Play Station

My daughter had received the Playmobil Animal Nursery (another great toy!) the weekend before as an early christmas present from a family member, and the insanity of IT'S assembly was still fresh in my head.

"No, she likes opening presents." My wife answered.

And she does. And more specifically to the story, she did. She loved opening everything Christmas morning.
What little kid doesn't?

The problem is, we ended up spending 10 minutes opening presents, and at leaste two hours putting them together.

The box states that the set comes with a bazillion pieces, and that sounds pretty impressive. And it truly IS impressive, but not QUITE as cool as it sounds.

Because when you open it, you find out that the worlds smallest flashlight is two pieces; the worlds smallest jar is two pieces; every VEGETABLE is two pieces; a tree is at least five pieces, the little straps for the binoculars and camera are each their own piece, and the structure itself... yikes.
And yikes again.

It came with a sheet of stickers, so you could label the small pieces if you wanted, to make them look more "real".
Wonder if each sticker counted as a piece?

And while the end result is sturdy and looks great, was it really necessary to make the product so that every little piece of the structure is... a separate piece?

the instructions might as well have read:

"Here's a wall, the wall has space for a window and a door. We could have made it so that the window and the door are framed already, but... no. Those are separate pieces.
So here's the wall with holes, now insert the frames into the holes, now insert the window into the window frame into the window hole, and NOW the door into the door frame into the door hole...."

And the packaging of the bazillion separate pieces left a bit to be desired, too.

"Honey, do you know which of the eight bags of randomly thrown together pieces holds that small dark brown fence post? I can't finish the railing without it! No, not the bigger, lighter brown one, I already found IT - it was in the bag with the zebra, the rifle, one of the tree pieces, two of the carrot tops and the cage padlock...."

All while your child's standing there, with two cheetah cubs in her hand, asking you if she can play with it yet.

"Not yet, darlin'. I have to snap the cot into the side wall into the front wall into the floor...."

Can I put the monkey in the cage? The monkey really needs to go in the cage!

"Well as soon as I put the four pieces of cage together, and then attach it to the underside of the floor of the stilt house, and then connect the house to the top of the floor ...."

And the pieces don't just snap together. Nope. That would be crazy.
Instead, they provide you with bags of little, tiny connectors of various colors, and a little tool designed only to insert the connectors into their respective holes on each piece so that you can in turn connect that piece to another piece.... And of COURSE each color connector's specific to various pieces, because having all connections being the same size is, well.. just plain silly, I guess.

And yikes again.

Construction issues aside, if your child loves animals, they'll LOVE this toy.

Highly recommended.

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2Too difficult to put togetherSep 20, 2010
By Angela Varner
Playmobile has great ideas for toys and my daughter loves them. However, on a number of the toys, she ends up playing with the pieces because we can never get the actual "houses/buildings" built. There are hundreds of small pieces that need to be constructed- and construction is quite difficult. I'm disapppointed that a company with such great ideas for products has such terrible execution. These should be mostly pre-built- particularly for how expensive they are. Only purchase this if you are willing to spend HOURS putting it together before the child can play with it. Many of the products we have purchased from Playmobile are still sitting in their boxes.

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3Takes long time to assembleMar 22, 2013
By Grant Szabo
Bought this for my 4 year old for Christmas, it was one of several Playmobil's that he was interested in. Seemed like the one we could do within our budget. It's a good set with lots of animals and imaginative things to do. I was surprised at how hard it was to build though. Definitely not something I think even my 10 year old could have successfully built! Took me about 90 minutes to assemble on Christmas morning. In hind sight, should have built it the night before.

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