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Explore the animal kingdom with these exciting wooden nesting blocks. From a tiny sea horse to a great big elephant, discover charming animals from four animal habitats. Stacked, they are almost three feet tall. For ages 2 and up. 8 pieces.

Product Details:
Product Length: 5.8 inches
Product Width: 5.8 inches
Product Height: 5.8 inches
Product Weight: 32.0 pounds
Package Length: 5.6 inches
Package Width: 5.6 inches
Package Height: 5.6 inches
Package Weight: 2.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 183 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 183 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

38 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5Grows with the ChildFeb 26, 2009
By Mike
Our daughter received these blocks when she was 16 mo. old and absolutely loves them! She stacks them, nests them, and builds sloping steps for her cars to run down. I was worried they would be too advanced for her (since the recommended age is 2 yrs) but I think that the 2 yr recommendation is to be able to sort the blocks by animal type, color etc. We gave this set as a gift to a 1 yr old and she loved it too. The blocks are made of lightweight wood, so they can be lifted easily, but are strong enough for climbing, sitting, and and being thrown as the tower gets knocked down. Melissa & Doug make such great products and this is no exception. Tons of fun and best of all, no batteries or electronic sounds required!

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3Pros & ConsFeb 19, 2010
By MilitaryMama
I recently purchased the M&D wooden animal blocks for my 18 month old. Here are my observations:

This is one of the only toys that will keep my daughter busy for 20-30 minutes, it is not noisy, & does not require turning on the TV. Just some good old fashioned fun! She will stack the blocks, nest them, put them in a bag to carry around, & examine the animals on the blocks. I like that the animal pictures are pleasant to look at, not too bright or busy but still interesting. The blocks are made of ply wood (I think) so they are not too heavy for my daughter to move around and lift. Be aware that with a younger child these could hurt if the blocks toppled on them & if they are thrown they will cause some damage. Not an issue for us but something to be aware of.

When I opened the package the picture/paint on one of the blocks was peeling off/flaking. I have simply taken the block out of the mix & am keeping a close eye on the other blocks, so far so good. My daughter enjoys playing with the remaining blocks so we'll try it w/ the 7 instead of 8. So be sure to carefully examine your blocks before giving them to your kiddo.

Overall a nice product, lots of fun, hopefully you will receive one that is in perfect shape & can enjoy it fully.

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2Bad smell and fell apart!Jun 19, 2009
By J. W. Christopher
I love Melissa and Doug products, which is one reason I chose this nesting block set. It looked like a quality set. My two year old loved playing with them, but unfortunately, after only 2 weeks, 2 of the blocks came apart in pieces. I have tried to glue them but they simply come apart again. Also, they do have an unpleasant chemical smell that has lingered even now-almost 6 weeks after I purchased them. I think it may be the finish...? Also, if your child likes to knock the blocks around or may throw them, they are much heavier (and potentially damaging!) than cardboard nesting blocks. I do like them still, just wish they were a little more durable and didn't fall apart like they did!

22 of 23 found the following review helpful:

5Fun for many ages!Mar 06, 2009
By Mom2Three
We got these for our 18-month-old for Christmas. She loves them...but her 3-year-old sister and 5-year-old brother do to! Every child seems to be able to do something fun with these. Pretty wonderful for a toy that doesn't need batteries, and takes up so little space when it's time to put them away. We love these!

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5Versitile, Durable, Imagination-building, Educational, Quality Toy!Dec 20, 2010
By Charliene Wilson
These were a great purchase. My 2yo loves stacking them and nesting them, figuring out which one has to come next in order to fit they way she wants. They're very sturdy. My 4yo makes them into "steps" and walks up and down them. They've held up to his weight, and the constant knocking down of the stack every time it's built. My 2yo also turns them upside down, steps into two blocks, and walks around in them calling them boots. My 12yo makes a carnival game of them by turning them upside down and having a little ball to throw into the different sized blocks. My 9yo noticed shortly after we got these that the 4 different background colors on the sides coincide to the different animal types pictured: Red - farm, green - mountain, orange - jungle, and blue - water giving even great possibilities for learning and matching, etc. The animals pictured also relate in size order to the sizes of blocks (the largest animals being shown on the largest block down to the smallest shown on the smallest block.

After nearly daily, heavy use by several children over the course of a few months, one side of one block seems a little bit loose. It's not in danger of coming apart, but I can tell it doesn't feel as sturdy as the others anymore. Otherwise they've held up for the past few months!

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