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The Celestron 44320 is a multi-purpose microscope can be used as a traditional microscope with powers from 40x to 600x or attach the digital camera to view on your computer. It's the perfect tool for discovering and learning about the world we can't see. The included software allows you to save digital images and video to your computer. Weighing just 22 ounces, the microscope includes three prepared slides (head of a mosquito, cross-section of bamboo, scaly hairs of a silverberry), rocks, and honeybee wing for samples. Other features include a zoom eyepiece from 10x to 20x, objective lenses with 4x, 15x, 30x magnification, and top and bottom electric illumination. The microscope requires Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista, CD/DVD drive and open USB port. Celestron offers a 2-year warranty.

Product Details:
Product Length: 13.0 inches
Product Width: 11.0 inches
Product Height: 5.0 inches
Product Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Length: 12.5 inches
Package Width: 10.8 inches
Package Height: 3.9 inches
Package Weight: 2.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 82 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 82 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

94 of 101 found the following review helpful:

1Poor quality. Not worth the moneyDec 24, 2008
By Catherine Shea "rma fort myers"
I bought it, tried it and immediatley returned it.
All PLASTIC. No fine focus, image capturing was poor and not adjustable.
Save yourself the bother.... buy a different microscope

74 of 79 found the following review helpful:

1Not worth even a penny of money paidDec 29, 2008
By Chief WR
I purchased this item for my son as a Christmas gift and found it to be a complete waste of money and time, and a lot of frustration. Product, due to being of plastic, is not of a good quality. Working with optics is like playing with a fresh egg. Yeap!
The worst part is a digital camera and its software. After the installation of it according to the instructions it caused the computer to crash. I tried another computer with a recomended operating system and... no communication with a device and crashing again. Well, in spite of my dilligent efforts to have it make to work I have gotten nowhere with it.
I won't even mention my boys' heartbroken feelings...

37 of 39 found the following review helpful:

4Don't know what people are complaining aboutApr 11, 2010
By Roooo
This is a 50 dollar microscope. It does the deed, fairly well, but not superbly. Some advice:

1. Yes, there is some plastic and it's packaged in styrofoam so there will be a lot of static electricity and hence, dust -- use an air can to blow it away.

2. The camera is a simple CMOS one that has drivers for all Windows OS to date, but they are unsigned! (What is up with that, Celestron?) Hence Win7 won't accept them. You'll have to dig up an old XP box or laptop to run the camera.

3. The camera (rather easily) replaces the eyepiece and hence, takes away the 10-20x eyepiece magnification. So you are looking at 30x max for pictures that you can then blow up to your heart's content, but with loss of detail. As well, the focus is hard to do well with the camera on, compared to looking through the eyepiece, but it's not unusable.

4. Really, the optics aren't bad for $50. You'll have a hard time looking at coins for example, because even at lowest settings, the magnification is really good.

5. For best results, keep gunk off the optics. One way to gunk them up is if you put the slide in upside down, and the glue to the top glass on the slide gets rubbed on the stage. ;) As the manual says, you can clean the optics with photography camera cleaner.

6. My kit came with a very useful contrast light diffuser, negating any problems with heat from the LED light beneath the stage.

Really, I'm pretty happy with this toy. As a grown adult, I plan to use it to get ideas for art from the microscopic world. It serves its purpose for me.

55 of 64 found the following review helpful:

5Great for the priceFeb 14, 2009
By Julio P
This bad boy was pretty cheap as far as microscopes go but it lets you see well beyond what you can with the naked eye quite well. Older kids will be able to handle looking through the scope but little ones will have trouble. The best part for that is the camera. The camera takes pictures or video when you hook it up to a computer and the process is simple.

The light is a little hot for anything in water so take care to use the pen light that shines from above when possible at least until you find what you are looking for.

Also, there is no guard in place to prevent you from cracking a slide by focusing in too far so always pay attention if you're not already familiar with microscopes.

19 of 21 found the following review helpful:

2DisappointingApr 12, 2009
By Heidi
I was very disappointed in the quality of this microscope. I expected more from Celestron. I bought this for my son's 6th birthday and chose this one for the digital camera. I thought it would be easier for both of us to view the slides on the computer. The quality of the digital image is poor at best and makes the camera worthless. I wasn't expecting HD images but I was expecting to be able to actually see what was on the side. The scope is entirely plastic with so much light filtering through the plastic tube up to the eye piece that the image is distorted. The images viewed directly though the microscope aren't too bad but if that is all you're looking for put your money in a better scope without the camera. I packed it up, sent it back and bought just that.

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